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The Boneworks is a setting guide for the game here, there, be monsters! featuring two factions, one location, and six magical artefacts.

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The factory had been profitable for years. The Fat Cats raked in piles of money for the clothes churned out on the backs of the oppressed workers. But, fashions change, and soon the profit just wasn’t going to be enough for the shareholders anymore. One well-lined pocket and a match was all it took to send the factory up in flames. Then, it was just the wait for the insurance payout. It didn’t matter that the workers were still inside when it happened, that the doors were locked to stop them from using any second of their time for something other than work. Collateral damages are a cost of doing business, and there are always more workers to be found.

It didn’t stop there.

When the Book of Resurrection fell into the wrong hands, those hands got an idea of how to squeeze more profit out of those burnt bones. One by one, they resurrected the victims of the fire, still trapped in the abandoned building. It seems they didn’t quite understand the magic though. The Charred Bones didn’t listen to their orders, they fought back and chased their oppressors out, reclaiming the husk of their former oppression as The Boneworks.

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This supplement is still in development, and new versions of the core PDF may be released as minor changes or corrections are made. A plain text version is planned but not yet available.

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Writing, design, and layout by Luke Simonds (@lukesimonds)

Publishing as Cats Have No Lord

 Canvas texture background created by VecMes

Torn paper textures created by rawpixel.com

 All other art created by José Guadalupe Posada and taken from the public domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

The Boneworks is a setting guide for the game here, there, be monsters! by Wendi Yu and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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