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A shadow looms over Dreklow.

The tomb of the twin necromancers that once terrorized this region stands as an affront to all who knew their names. Although they were defeated centuries ago, their tower torn down stone by stone, although everyone would prefer to forget their existence, priests enter the tomb once a month to conduct a ritual kept secret upon pain of death.

Where there is mystery, there are rumors. Here, the talk is of great treasure held in the burial chamber, waiting only for the right people to plunder it. There are also rumors of danger and dark magic placed on the tomb to ward off those lured by treasure, but even those trials may be overcome for the right price.


A Tomb of Twins is a system-ambivalent adventure designed for old-school style play. Creature stats are provided for CRACK! (compatible with B/X-based games), Cairn, and Mörk Borg.

It is intended for lower-level play (i.e. 1–3 in B/X-based games). All combat is potentially deadly, but avoidable, and careful and creative play will be more rewarding regardless of level. It is intended to be completed in one to two game sessions. 

It features: 

  • A small town with NPCs and, rumors, and hooks to send the players to the tomb
  • A 12-room dungeon full of ghosts, traps, and other dangers
  • Bickering necromancers
  • Adorable, feckless, and deadly swampkins
  • Seven unique creatures statted for three games


The full text of this adventure is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0

The text is available free on my blog, or in several downloadable formats here. 

The fully-formatted version with art is available here for $10. 

Print copies will likely be coming later this year.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorCats Have No Lord
Tagsbx, cairn, crack, Dungeon Crawler, Ghosts, mork-borg, necromancer, OSR, tomb


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This crawl is so fun! I got to play using Cairn rules and it was easy to pick up, roll up a character and get playing. Only took a few hours for the one shot and is an excellent way to introduce new systems or spice up a campaign

Hey Luke, I bought one of the 25 early bird specials but don’t seem to have the formatted PDF with artwork to download. Can you help? Thanks!

Hey Brian, oh no 😮 I must have set up the reward incorrectly, I’ll see about fixing that and just email you the PDF in the meantime. Same goes for anyone else having problems with that.

Thanks, Luke!